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My charity portrait series for Jimmy Niggles Beard Season, #Project60.

Has the honour of introducing acting legend John Hurt as #40/60.

The series is to raise awareness to Melanoma and get regular skin-checks.

60 beards from all over the globe, has travelled by their own funds, to be shot at my home studio. if you want you want to take part.?

After making a TARDIS guitar I started this new Warehouse 13 guitar project. The logo (including the missing E) will be inlayed in the fretboard in copper and aluminum. I will included the Regents symbol somewhere as well as one or two Bering and Wells references. 

I’m not sure what color the body will get. Maybe Farnsworth brown or a dark purple. Perhaps it will get a few steampunk elements as well.

I choose a Telecaster style because of Claudia.

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